License Plate Toll User Agreement

In order to provide the greatest convenience to the E-470 Public Highway Authority’s License Plate Toll (LPT) customers, the LPT customers may pre-pay their tolls through an online account linked to a VISA/MasterCard/Discover/American Express/Diner’s Club account, or manage an account online.

The LPT customer has several choices in managing their account. The LPT customer may set up an online account by providing contact information including an email address and vehicle registration information (required), and credit card information (optional).

Credit Card Account:
1) The LPT customer's VISA/MasterCard/Discover/American Express/Diner’s Club account will be charged to deposit pre-paid tolls to their account. The LPT customer determines the amount to deposit in their account, and the LPT customer may pay tolls prior to a statement being generated or pay the full balance when the statement is processed.
2) The LPT customer may authorize the ExpressToll Service Center to automatically charge the credit card on file when the statement is ready for payment.

Basic Account:
The LPT customer will have the ability to pay for tolls and other outstanding balances by using a VISA/MasterCard/Discover/American Express/Diner’s Club credit card.

It is the responsibility of the LPT customer to:
1) notify the ExpressToll Service Center immediately if your credit card has been lost or stolen, the expiration date changes, your credit card limit has been reached, the credit card account has been closed, or if the account number or issuing bank changes; and
2) notify the ExpressToll Service Center immediately of any changes to mailing address, phone number, email address, or vehicle registration or license plate. These changes and updates can also be made by the LPT customer online.

Toll Charges: The LPT customer to whom the vehicle is registered is responsible for all toll charges on the LPT account. It is important to keep personal and vehicle information current with the Department of Motor Vehicles so that tolls are charged to the correct individual and can be linked to the appropriate LPT account.

If overdue balances exist on an LPT account, a payment for the entire overdue balance is required at the time of the online payment. Partial payment for an overdue balance will not be accepted.

The LPT customer agrees to pay a non-refundable returned item fee of $15.00 for each transaction refused by their bank or credit card issuer.

In order to close the LPT account, the LPT customer must call the ExpressToll Service Center so that toll charges can be settled and, if a balance remains, a credit will be issued. The ExpressToll customer service representative will then proceed with closing of the account at the request of the LPT customer.

Terms of this Agreement are subject to change at any time by posting the changes to in the User Agreement tab. The LPT customer agrees to pay all reasonable charges, fees, and costs, including attorney’s fees, incurred by the E-470 Public Highway Authority to enforce the terms of this Agreement.

Promptly review your statement, and notify the ExpressToll Service Center with questions regarding any LPT charges. Charges not questioned within thirty (30) days of the ExpressToll Service Center’s mailing will be deemed acceptable.
Upon set-up of an account, the LPT customer agrees to all terms, provisions, and conditions of this Agreement.

The E-470 Public Highway Authority reserves the right to close an account for any reason.
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