Express Lanes and HOV

What: Express Lanes are tolled lanes that run adjacent to the free general purpose lanes on CDOT's roads.

Why: Express Lanes increase roadway capacity and help manage congestion on Colorado highways by adding lanes that provide a new choice to drivers. Motorists can choose to ride the bus, carpool or pay a toll to use the new Express Lanes as an alternative to the free general purpose lanes.

Where: There is an Express Lane on I-25 from downtown Denver to US 36. New Express Lanes are currently being constructed on US 36, I-25 North, and I-70 West with potential plans for Express Lanes on C-470 and I-70 East.

Who: Anyone can use Express Lanes, there are simply different ways to travel them. Users can ride the bus, carpool with one or two passengers (by no later than 2017, all Express Lanes will require three occupants in the vehicle), or ride a motorcycle to use the lanes for free. Vehicles that do not meet the HOV requirements can choose to pay a toll to use the lanes.

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ExpressToll Service Center
22470 E 6th Pkwy, Ste 110
Aurora, CO 80018
Local 303-537-3470
Toll-Free 888-946-3470